One of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s famous quotes is: “Make a better mousetrap… (and) the world will make a beaten path to your door.” Well, I’m here to tell you that Emerson is wrong. Here’s my quote: “Unless the world knows you

have a better mousetrap, and why it’s better than the others, no one will even care where your door is.”

There is no doubt in my mind (nor should there be in yours), that a professionally-trained appraiser is definitely the better mousetrap. Education sets trained and tested appraisers apart from every other appraiser in the world.

So, if we have the better mousetrap (and we all agree we do), then why isn’t the world beating a path to our doors?

They’re not lined up at our doors, because our prospective clients have no idea that we have the better mousetrap, nor do they know why they
should pick our mousetrap over all the others.

So whose fault is that? I believe it’s yours, mine, and anyone else’s who does not have all the business they want.

Don’t blame it on the competition. Don’t blame it on the economy, COVID19, or the government. Don’t blame it on ISA, ASA or AAA. We need to take full responsibility for ineffectively marketing, promoting and selling our appraisal services.

Here’s another thought: By not educating the public, we force them to select a less-qualified appraiser to fill there important needs. By not promoting our education and expertise, we allow the public to use a potentially inferior alternative to the most qualified appraisers in the nation. We shortchange both ourselves and the people who went somewhere else for appraisal services.

With your level of training and appraisal expertise, there is no acceptable reason that you should not have all the business and money you desire —

Unless, you’re not quite sure how to sell, market or promote your services.their important needs.

Learning and applying the critical skills of sales, marketing and business development are imperative to your success. Knowing how to effectively sell appraisal services is very different and much more complex than selling products or commodities.

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