Last month, NAC Inner Circle Appraiser Success Business Development and Education Newsletter came in  a different envelope.   It was sent in the envelope we use to promote our nationally syndicated radio show Value This with Brian and Leon.  This envelope is a small part of the four-step marketing process, which are the same four steps we use to market our professional appraisal services.

I hate white space.  It is almost always unused and wasted.  There are square miles of open space that can be effectively used to promote any cause.

Here are a few examples of wasted blank space I see everyday:

1)  The back of business cards  Why would you leave the back blank when you can add your logo, a short checklist, your specialties, photo of an antique or collectible, helpful web links, etc.

Long time Inner Circle Member and NAC Apprasier’s Marketing Bootcamp Graduate, Nan Ruth Chardoul has two major specialties: Equine & Livestock, and Antique & Residential Contents.  She promotes one on one side of her card and the other on the back (or front).  Nice work Nan Ruth!

2) The back of a letter   If you can say all you want to say in one page, that’s terrific, but what about the back of the letter?

You have an entire page of promotional space begging for an image, more sales copy, a client’s check list, “next steps,” “free information,” client testimonials, suggested reading, etc.

A few issues ago, I gave you a “How to Sell Your Stuff” handout.  The back of a one page letter is the perfect place to add that.

3) Envelopes   As you can see by the envelope in which your newsletter arrived, it is covered with reminders about previous mailings or emails they have received.  This is not usually the first piece of mail they get from us.  It has a picture of a little cardboard suitcase that we mailed to the prospective radio station two weeks prior.

What can you put on your envelope?  How about pictures of the types of items you appraise? A picture of your office (If it’s all cleaned up  – I would NEVER put a picture of my office ANYWHERE – have you ever seenmy office?  Ha!

Use old stamps as postage. 

Make your mailing stand out.  Use old commemorative stamps and catch your readers attention.

Most of those US “commemoratives” are three and four cent stamps, so you’ll need  a batch of them.  BUT they sure stand out.  We use them all the time, and so do many of our fellow Inner Circle Members.

AND – they cost about the same as regular postage.

Let me know if you want a small batch to use on your next mailing.


Look over all your printed material.  Decide if you can add anything to the blank areas to enhance your message.

I’ll bet you will find plenty of new marketing opportunities.

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