An appraisal proposal is not only a narrative explanation of what you will do for your prospects, but it also helps them understand WHY they must have it done, and why it must be performed by you.

The typical proposal only spells out the steps, procedures, and the cost of an engagement.

A winning appraisal proposal goes beyond the basic facts, and explains to the reader why they must act, and why they must act now.  It explains the current reality of what must happen, why it must happen, and why you are the only appraisal choice.

Here’s an excerpt from a seven-page appraisal proposal, prepared for the Board (decision-makers) of an organization,
of a large archive housed within an historic mansion.

I’ve changed the name of the mansion to maintain the confidentiality of the client.

Fred’s Mansion Collection Overview

The Collection represents the vast history of Fred’s Mansion, and covers an important time span of US and world history.
The Collection includes architectural drawings, important correspondence,  letters, documents, manuscripts and photos of US and world leaders including  US Presidents, and significant historical figures.

The majority of The Collection is housed in a closet in Fred’s Mansion.  The closet contains a water sprinkler fire-suppression system that deluges the area with water when heat trips the sprinkler valve. If this system was triggered,  it would most likely knock down a fire, but it would also most certainly severely damage or destroy The Collection.

Other elements of The Collection include blueprints, architectural drawings, and plans.  In the public areas there are many framed prints, photographs, and documents, many of which are rare and of historical significance.

Many are easily accessible and within reach of the public, and are subject to damaging UV light, and potential physical damage by those attending functions and events at Fred’s Mansion.


Anyone reading this section of the proposal will hopefully understand the need to protect this collection. Frankly, at this point, the best thing for the prospect to do is to skip the appraisal and get the collection out of the closet and into a bank safe deposit box. That however, does nothing to protect the large framed display items and the fine art.

The next sections of our proposals start with questions like:

“Why National Appraisal Consultants?” and “Why choose a Certified Appraiser?

There is a good deal of ‘selling’ in every effective proposal. After all — that the reason you write a proposal in the first place.

Make certain all of your proposals lead your prospects to the right decision — selecting you and your firm.

Stay well & happy!


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